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Countdown begins to end the use of plastic in Quintana Roo

With the publication of the new Law for the Prevention, Integral Management and Circular Economy of State Residues in the Official Newspaper of Quintana Roo, the countdown began so that, in a period no longer than one year, manufacturers, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses must replace their use of plastics with more environmentally friendly products.

A “grace period” of 12 months will be given to change to materials friendly with the environment, except for the zones of exclusion, where the term is for six months.

The insular zones, the protected natural areas and those considered as “vulnerable zones” are considered as “exclusion zones”. These areas include the Isla Grande and Isla Chica areas in Holbox, Isla Mujeres, Banco Chinchorro, Isla Contoy, and Cozumel.

Likewise, it grants the municipalities a period of 90 days from the publication to standardize their regulations, so that they are not contrary to the Law and that allow their correct application.

They will also have the obligation to prepare, update and disseminate the diagnosis of the waste situation in their respective demarcation, as well as the installed capacity for its management and integral management.
The sanction for not replacing plastics in Quintana Roo may be up to $200 thousand pesos

The Law approved by Congress on May 28, and which will come into force as of July 18 for its general provisions, also includes economic sanctions that can reach up to 40,000 Units of Measurement and Updating (UMAs), equivalent to $3.2 million pesos, approximately.

In addition, the revocation of authorizations will be considered in the case of very serious and serious infractions in a definitive or temporary manner or the disqualification of the activities.

In case it occurs, it will be the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency (PPA) to issue the administrative resolution that indicates the sanctions and measures that the offender must carry out.