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Keep the noise down or pay fines up to $2 million pesos in Merida

Violating the new noise regulations in the Regulation of Environmental Protection and Ecological Balance, which aims to reduce auditory pollution in the municipality of Merida, can cost you up to $2 million pesos in fines, and possible business closures.

The city council approved unanimously the reforms that respond to citizen demand for controlling high noise that is recorded in some parts of the center and other areas of the capital city.

With this new regulation, the city seeks to prevail in respect for third parties and achieve a healthy coexistence. The municipal legislation was adapted to the Official Mexican Standard (NOM-081-Semarnat-1994).

The director of Urban Development of the City of Mérida, Federico Sauri Molina, explained that this approved regulation prohibits emissions of noise and vibrations that exceed the maximum permissible limits from fixed and stationary sources.

He stressed that this new regulation is the result of an intense and broad process of socialization that included neighbors, business chambers such as Merida Trade (Canacome) and the National Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods (Canirac); besides the Patronato del Centro Histórico, owners of bars and clubs, experts in urban planning, among others.

He recalled that as part of the socialization opinions, suggestions and comments were collected that enriched the reform project today embodied in the municipal ordinance that will begin to apply from next week.

The economic sanctions range from $8449 pesos to $42,245 pesos in the lower range. In the case of repeat offensives, the fine is $422,000 to $2 million pesos, in the higher range.


To regulate the noise of the City of Merida, the following measuring instruments will be used: precision sound level meter, piezoelectric calibrator or specific piston to the sound level meter used and a paper graphic printer or a magnetic tape recorder.

In the adaptation of the Regulation to the Official Mexican Standard (NOM), maximum permissible timetables and limits were established: in a residential area (outdoor) the permissible time limit will be from 6 am to 11 pm with 55 decibels and from 11 pm to 6 am of 50 decibels.

In the case of industrial and commercial zones, the schedules and maxima are from 6 am to 11 pm (68 dB) and from 11 pm to 6 am (65 dB). In schools, outdoor play areas, it will be (50Db); while at ceremonies, festivals and entertainment events lasting four hours (100Db).