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More than 10,000 celebrate Gay Pride in Merida

They expected eight thousand people, but more than ten thousand arrived at Gay Pride in Mérida, Yucatán. The March for Sexual Diversity in Mérida this year was fueled by the refusal to legislate in favor of equal marriage and the statements of deputies that were seen as homophobic.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, intersexual and queer community, as well as the so-called “heteroaliados”, expressed their rejection of all forms of discrimination.

A whole generation of between 18 and 30 years old starred in a journey of what will be, perhaps, a renewal of values ​​as the motto of another poster: you do not need to be the cause to support the cause. But it was not only young people, but whole families also attended, children with rainbow flags, as well as a father and a mother who gave hugs to all the homosexual people who were rejected by their parents.

“Where are they, where are they, the prayers that were going to stop us? they asked in unison. There were some faces of disapproval from the sidewalks, others recorded with their cell phones or applauded while cheering.

Companies took advantage of this to express support or promote themselves: shoe stores, department stores, banks; large or small and local companies also joined.

There was no shortage of parade floats and the cars full of personalities, famous as Liz Vega and Ophelia Pastrana, or the dancers of Papis and the conductors of Blur who arrived dressed as a bride and kissed under colorful umbrellas in front of the cathedral.

National activists and artists who attended the march in Yucatan emphasized the right to same-sex marriage. Pepe and Teo, whose Youtube channel has more than 526 thousand subscribers, said they expected to return next year to celebrate the equal marriage and make a statement on Twitter mentioning state authorities to show support to the Yucatecan community.

“Friends, I’m not so good, and you know why I’m not so good? because the Yucatan Congress does not let us get married. It’s time for the state congressmen to know that they also govern for us, for LGBT brothers, and I hope they are listening to us because this is a message for you: This city is a city, it is a white city but it is full of colors “, they tweeted.

The political message of the march was that human rights associations and citizens in general will continue with actions that make them visible and demonstrate that they are not a minority from peaceful demonstrations to legal channels.