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Tulum passes Regulation of Ecology, Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change Plan

In order to promote sustainable development, implement policies and actions aimed at preserving and restoring the ecological balance, protecting the environment, and establishing the basis to guarantee the right of everyone to live in a healthy space, city councilors in Tulum approved the creation of the Regulation of Ecology, Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change, which replaces the Ecology of Solidarity Regulation that was applied in 2008.

At the Eighteenth Ordinary Session of the Cabildo, headed by the Mayor, Víctor Mas Tah, the document that establishes the rights and obligations for the protection and improvement of the environment was approved; establish, regulate, administer and monitor protected natural areas for the benefit of humanity, preserve and restore soil, water and all natural resources, as well as promote the preservation of ecosystems in jungles, coastal wetlands, mangroves, beaches, underground rivers , cenotes, and caves.

“This regulation contemplates important aspects such as the attention to the gradual decrease and elimination of the use of plastic bags, as well as the plastic straws and unicel, which damage the reproduction of maritime and terrestrial species”, the mayor stated.

“Despite the inherited lags in many aspects, Tulum will begin to set the tone of how the challenges imposed by an attractive place for investors, visitors and tourists, with full respect for its natural and cultural wealth, should be addressed. It is fragile and vulnerable, so we are going to protect it,” he added.

Finally, Víctor Mas Tah, summoned citizens, businessmen, officials and tourists to define the direction of Tulum and that sustainability ceases to be a discourse and becomes the cross-cutting axis of the society’s behavior.