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Campeche Travel Guide

Visit Campeche in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Things to do and vacation rentals in Campeche, Mexico.

Campeche or San Francisco de Campeche is the capital of the State of Campeche, in Mexico, whose historical, cultural, natural and gastronomic wealth make this place a true paradise for travel lovers.

While it is true that San Francisco de Campeche (and, in general, the State of Campeche) is one of the 3 entities with the smallest population in the country, it is also true that the wonders that you will find here are spectacular and larger (in artistic dimension, natural and historical) than what you imagine.

By itself, the city of San Francisco de Campeche is attractive for national and foreign visitors and holds the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Here, it seems that time stopped with well-preserved historical monuments, buildings, and houses with Baroque influence.

What to do in Campeche?

Being in San Francisco de Campeche gives you plenty of opportunities to find activities that you enjoy. Undoubtedly, the recommendations, in order of importance, are worth considering.

Historical Center
The main attraction of the site lies in its walled district and its morning and evening beauty with artistic lighting. When walking through the streets and alleys of the city center, you will understand the tourist attraction to this Port City.

Cathedral of Campeche
Built in honor of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Cathedral of the city is a building of Baroque style and neoclassical dyes of great value for the local Diocese and the faithful Catholics.

Inside, there are recognized pieces of sacred art, such as “The Holy Burial”, which is carried through the streets of the city on Good Friday of each year. Without a doubt, a unique and majestic place.

Another historical jewel of the city is its haciendas, in them the memory of those who lived there is preserved, the lifestyle that its inhabitants lived and fragments of history with high patrimonial value.

In every stone, every wall, every patio or window, there are details of Mexico in the time of the Spaniards.

Becán Archaeological Site
This Mayan archaeological complex is composed of two pyramids of 15 meters height, a plaza, a stairway, a building with two towers and another more than 32 meters high.

The above description demonstrates the wonder, mystery, and history of this archaeological structure that, apart from being part of the ancestral heritage of Mexico, it is a unique place in the world.

Tramways ride
At present, there are different ways to know the city, one of them is the tram tour, where the city of Campeche has several options for transferring visitors to the most interesting spots and sites.

Cenote Miguel Colorado
The Cenote Miguel Colorado is the largest in the region and in this place you will spend incredible moments. The blue water of the dolina, the flora and fauna concentrated in the place will make you feel in perfect harmony and peace with yourself and those around you.

Beaches of Campeche
As it almost always happens, the beaches attract the largest number of tourists from anywhere in the world. These are virgin beaches where the footprint of man still does not play havoc with local ecosystems.

An example of this is Playa Bahamitas, which has transparent and blue waters, fine sand, unique arboreal landscapes and banks of snails, clams, and shells. Ideal site for diving, sport fishing, skiing, and windsurfing.

What to eat in Campeche?
The Mayan gastronomy, which was enriched after the arrival of the Spaniards, is the main vertebra of the traditional food of the city today.

The fusion brought new flavors, smells, textures and consequently exquisite dishes, such as the famous Puchero, which contains beef cooked with water, accompanied by vegetables and some condiments.

The best time of the year to go to Campeche
Undoubtedly, almost any time of year is ideal to visit this Port Season, even in cyclone season, since it is the coast of the country with less risk. However, the winter months have cooler temperatures and lower chances of rain.

The climate in Campeche is varied, from warm subhumid and warm semi-dry. The average annual temperature is 27 ° C, the climate conducive to almost any tourist activity.

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